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Dear valued members,


We are currently monitoring the governors guidelines daily. His latest executive order effective July 2nd, only permits 1 person per 1 trainer in the entire facility, no matter the size at one time. Even though Rush Fitness is 30,000 sqft and can safely distance and accommodate most of our members, per the governors orders, this is not allowed.

We are as taken aback and upset by the ongoing shutdown of our entire industry as you must be - not to mention affected as a community family owned business struggling to survive. 


At this point we have no choice but to wait for Governor Murphy to give a date and lift restrictions to allow us to once again operate safely inside the facility and welcome back all of our valued members. Because of this, all regular memberships will continue to be frozen. 

However, in an effort to abide by all executive orders and give our members some health and wellness relief, we will be opening our outside area with free weights, dumbbells and functioning training equipment.


As of June 30th, we will begin availability in our Outdoor Gym area Monday-Friday 4pm-9pm. Each hour will be limited to 10 people and must sign in and pay through





                                                                             Thank you, 


                                                                                      Rush Staff 

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